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    • @ikibaru : citylights and moving cars. moments and chances. you. me. memories. (13/11/11)


    • @KristyNelwan : believe in limits. even one who thinks he knows everything only knows what he knows. he doesn't know what he doesn't know. (21/08/11)


    • @beradadisini : the heart knows what love is, but don't ask. the mind knows only questions and the heart knows only answers | #osho (01/12/11)


    • @ellesaura : for paths that never crossed, for roads that go different directions, for destinations that are not the same: cheers.. (15/02/12)


    • @clara_ng : it's hard to be the one who goes away. it's hard to be the one who stays. (15/03/12)


    • @damnitstrue : don't promise when you're happy. don't reply when you're angry, and don't decide when you're sad. (20/05/12)


    • @ihatequotes : you meet people who forget you. you forget people you meet. but sometimes you meet those people you can't forget. those are your friends. (20/05/12)


    • @ikibaru : satu hal yang saya kagumi dari kenangan: rentang waktu yang terasa relatif. bisa begitu dekat atau tiba-tiba menjauh. (23/05/12)


    • @Pashatama : life is never bad enough. we always have a reason to laugh. (28/10/12)


    • @beradadisini : i have learned many times in life, that you can get what you want if you only ask. (15/07/13)

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