in a parallel universe

bad things don't erase good memories

membaca the27days untuk pertama kalinya lima tahun yang lalu,
ketika itu hitungan empat bulan berpindah ke jakarta.
dengan segala riuh rendah rasa.

lalu sekarang,
ketika blog itu mewujud dalam bentuk buku,
dengan bonus ilustrasi warnawarni yang ciamik nan menarik.

tentu saja, it's a must have book!
meskipun tanggalan sedang berbanding lurus dengan saldo yang lagi tipis

still, am beyond happy to hold it in my hands 😀

how stupid is it?
i can't talk about it.
i gotta sing about it and make a record of my heart

el scorcho - weezer

*it means heartbreak in Dutch

wish us well, 2017!

wish us well, 2017!

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c'est la vie,
sometimes you gotta let things be
you can fight it if you want
'till there's nothing you can do

let it go and love will set you free

i'm not the best to give advises
'cause i've been learning

| bobby bazini - c'est la vie

it’s been too long, i miss you


it's been too long, i miss you

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i don't know your face no more
or feel your touch that I adore
i don't know your face no more
it's just a place i'm looking for

i don't know your thoughts these days
we're strangers in an empty space
i don't understand your heart
it's easier to be apart

we might as well be strangers in another town
we might as well be living in a another time

we might as well be strangers
for all i know of you now
for all i know

keane | we might as well be strangers

getting here, there, everywhere-anywhere.

sejauh mata memandang

i seem to recognize your face
haunting, familiar, yet i can't seem to place it
cannot find the candle of thought to light your name
lifetimes are catching up with me
all these changes taking place, i wish i'd seen the place
but no one's ever taken me

i swear i recognize your breath
memories like fingerprints are slowly raising
me, you wouldn't recall, for i'm not my former

it's hard when, you're stuck upon the shelf
i changed by not changing at all
small town predicts my fate
perhaps that's what no one wants to see

i just want to scream, "hello..."

my god its been so long, never dreamed you'd return
but now here you are, and here i am

hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away

pearl jam | elderly woman behind the counter in a small town


terima kasih eddie vedder! 🙂
untuk menulis lirik seperti ini.
dan menciptakan nada seperti itu.
lalu bikin saya mellow soresore. hah!
satu lagu lagi, untuk dijatuhcintai.

terima kasih, oktober!
i see you, when i see you.