tak teridentifikasi, entahlah, tak tahu, mungkin kenapa? it's bad, terribly sooooo bad!!

  • the hole in the sky

    i'm fine. i just break sometimes. just understand that if i break, i'm breaking for you. pleasefindthis, coz i wrote this for you.

  • kompilasi rasa

    ya ampun, hati.. kompilasi rasa yang paling tidak saya inginkan saat ini adalah : kesal dan khawatir. ps. just in case if you really care..

  • wondering

    kenapa dan sejak kapan rumah ini jadi a silent reverie, yah? *amnesia* -berlalu, sambil cari tagline yang lebih representatif-

  • midnight

    here today gone tomorrow washed away all my sorrow leave the light on your window i just might try to follow but midnight close my eyes i’m tired i’m fading i am only human, searching places i wont go where…

  • my favorite song

    sometimes,i wish that you would pay more attention to my favorite songs because,the lyrics they sing,are the words i'm too scared to say taken from, quote-bookgambar diculik di situ

  • somebody’s me

    how could we go wrong it was so good and now it's gone and i pray at night that our paths soon will cross and what we had isn't lost cause you're always right here in my thoughts you'll always…