• untuk rindu yang tak kunjung selesai

    and i always look up to the sky pray before the dawn cause they fly always sometimes they arrive sometimes they are gone they fly on that's how you think of love o, don't ever let go coldplay - o

  • on time, in time

    bahwa beberapa hal harus ditunda: supaya sabar, supaya tidak lekas jumawa, supaya mengerti bahwa ada prinsip "tepat waktu" @perempuansore noted. gambar dipinjam di sini!

  • hush hush..

    mungkin saya lagi membutuhkan kalimatkalimat semacam ini. and start to counting the blessing(s) instead the problem(s). hush hush, gloomy thoughts. hush hush, self doubt. hush hush, broken heart. pergi jauhjauh.

  • many the miles

    there's too many things that i haven't done yet too many sunsets i haven't seen You can't waste the day wishing it'd slow down sara bareilles | many the miles

  • #track 1: northern skies

    for once, there was beauty here for me under the wide northern skies and once, there was magic here for me under the wide northern skies find the time.. the time to read, to breathe the fresh air in the…